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News and Notes

Listed below is a selection of the funding opportunities for which information has recently been received by the Office of Research Services. For links to further information on these items, visit Grant Funding Opportunities on the research website at

• CIHR Other: Rapid Funding for DSEN Targeted Research
• CIHR Undergraduate: MD/PhD students (2012-13)
• CIHR Catalyst Grant: Ethics (2012-13)
• CIHR Undergraduate – Mobility, musculoskeletal health
and arthritis
• CIHR Fellowships – 2012-13
• CIHR Master's Awards – 2012-13
• CIHR Operating Grant: Industry-Partnered Collaborative
Research (Winter 2013 Competition)
• CIHR Dissemination Events: Winter 2013 Competitions
• CIHR Proof of Principle: Phases I and II
(Winter 2013 Competitions)
• CIHR E-Rare-2 Joint Transnational Call on Rare Diseases
• CIHR Planning Grants: Winter 2013 Competitions
• CIHR Travel Awards – Institute Community Support
• CIHR Personnel Awards – Canadian Diabetes Association –
Clinician Scientist, Scholar and Doctoral Student
Research Awards
• CIHR Operating Grant – Canadian Diabetes Association
• CIHR Betty Havens Prize (2013)
• CIHR Knowledge Translation Prize (2013)
• CIHR Science to Business (2013)
• SSHRC Insight Development Grants
• SSHRC Partnership Grants – Letter of Intent
• SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Master's
Scholarships (university applications)
• International Partnerships for Sustainable Societies (IPaSS)
• Brain Canada Multi-Investigator Research Initiative LOI
• H.L. Holmes Awards for Postdoctoral Studies
• Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery
National Expansion


Jan. 15
Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange
– Conference/Seminar/Workshop Grants
– Publication Subsidies

Jan. 25
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
– Synapse Awards (Call for Nominations)

Jan. 31
Royal Society of Canada
– Konrad Adenauer Research Award

Feb. 1
Canadian Institute of Health Research
– Operating Grants (Registration)

Canadian Diabetes Association
– Personnel Awards Competition
– Operating Grants

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation
– Dissertation Fellowships

Memorial University, Office of Research Services
– Salary-based Research Grants Program (Re-designation
of salary)

National Multiple Sclerosis Society (U.S.)
– Research Grants

Feb. 4
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation/Atlantic Chapter
– Studentship Awards Program

Parkinson Society of Canada
– Pilot Project Program
– New Investigator Award Program
– Basic Research Fellowship Program

Feb. 5
National Institutes of Health
– New Research Grants

Feb. 6
Memorial University, Office of Research
– SSHRC/Vice-President's Research Grants

American Asthma Foundation/Research Program
– Early Excellence Award
– Senior Investigator Award

Feb. 10
Memorial University, ISER
– Postdoctoral Fellowship
– Doctoral Fellowship
– Joint Appointment Fellowship
– Research Associate Fellowship

Feb. 14
Memorial University, Office of Research Services
SSHRC Travel Grants
– Paper Presentation at Scholarly Conferences
– Travel Grants for International Representation

Feb. 15
Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation
– Grants for Alcohol Research

The Kidney Foundation of Canada/Krescent Program
– Postdoctoral Fellowship
– New Investigator Award

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Research Grants Program
– Postgraduate Research Fellowship Program

Baillie Fund
– Student Research Award

Canadian Blood Services
– Summer Internship Program

Memorial University, ISER
– Strategic Grant Program (applications)