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Papers and Presentations

Dr. Roger Chafe, director of the Janeway Research Pediatric Unit, is first author of a book chapter in Data, Data Everywhere: Access and Accountability? released at the end of June by McGill-Queen's University Press. The chapter is titled Exploiting the Secondary Use of Health Data for Effective Cancer Control: Opportunities and Risks.


In early August, Dr. Linda Coles, a term appointment instructor with the Faculty of Education at Memorial University, delivered a couple of presentations and chaired a symposium at the 17th European Conference on Reading: Literacy and Diversity , in Mons, Belgium. Educators from many countries around the world, participated in this conference. Dr. Coles' focused on how today's children are experiencing the reading and literacy policies that are developed by Departments of Education. Dr. Coles has long believed that: children have insights into how they experience curriculum and policy which only they are in a position to articulate and that children's perspectives, along with those of adults, need to be included in the information gathering process for future developments in curriculum, policy, research and pedagogy. She said that there are sound pedagogical, educational, political, social, technological, and moral reasons why children's voices and their perceptions need to be included in matters that affect them and these matters include reading.