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Convocation Fall 2010 coverage

Presentation of the president and vice-chancellor, Robert Simmonds, chair, Board of Regents

Greetings to convocation, Premier Danny Williams

Greetings to convocation, Jessica McCormick

Installation address by Dr. R. Gary Kachanoski

Oration honouring Dr. Michael Asch

Dr. Michael Asch – Address to convocation

Oration honouring Peter MacKinnon

Dr. Peter MacKinnon – Address to convocation

Oration honouring Dr. Pamela Björkman

Dr. Pamela Björkman – Address to convocation

Address to convocation, Dr. Holly Pike, Grenfell Campus session

Oration honouring Minnie Vallis

Address to convocation - Dr. Minnie J. Vallis