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Level 3 students Chris Parsons and Natasha Turpin, IT instructor Rob Ryan, Mt. Pearl Senior High Principal Sheldon Barry and Karen Kennedy, director, Division of Lifelong Learning.

Students from Mount Pearl Senior High, together with their principal Sheldon Barry, and Karen Kennedy, director of the Division of Lifelong Learning, gathered this week for a signing ceremony documenting a partnership in the field of information technology.

The event marks the inception of a “Local Academy” at Mount Pearl Senior High based on outreach IT coursework between the two centres of learning.

The Division of Lifelong Learning focuses on developing provincial linkages and partnerships. As a regional Cisco Networking Academy, the Division of Lifelong Learning is authorized to offer the Cisco official curriculum to prepare students to write the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification that is highly recognized in the IT industry.

“We are delighted to enhance the connections to the K-12 system through this agreement with Mount Pearl Senior High,” said Ms. Kennedy. “Partnering in the delivery of Cisco Networking curriculum to Level 3 students will build on a shared vision of learning and will give students an opportunity to learn new skills as well as ignite a passion for further education in Information Technology.”

Cisco provides a subset of the curriculum which can be delivered in high schools. Mount Pearl Senior High can now offer the first two of four required courses. Over the summer months, educators at the Division of Lifelong Learning trained Mount Pearl Senior High teachers in the Cisco coursework. Those individuals are now prepared to deliver the Cisco curriculum to their students. As well, Mr. Barry is a past Cisco instructor at the Division of Lifelong Learning.

Students will train in the IT-based coursework for the entire school year, which will provide them with the foundation necessary to continue with curriculum taught at the Division of Lifelong Learning.