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Art in education

By Heidi Wicks

Education student Stephanie Power is artfully sculpting her future as a high school art and social studies educator.

She has recently been awarded the Bank of Montreal First Art Invitational Student Art Competition, which celebrates the creative excellence and diversity of Canadian art students with a showcase of top students’ artwork chosen from more than 100 post secondary institutions nationwide.

A graduate of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College’s BFA program, Ms. Power also received a textile studies diploma from College of the North Atlantic in 2004. She believes she will always be creating in some form.

“Currently I’m working on a painting series, but I love all forms,” she said. “Painting, drawing and sculpture are my favourite forms. My interests will always be motivating for me and enthusiasm is contagious, but of course when I’m a teacher I will focus on what is motivating for the students and somehow find ways to incorporate all of their interests.”

Such esteemed artists as Camilla Singh (Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art), Steven Loft (Curator in Residence, Indigenous Art, National Gallery of Canada), Gary Michael Dault (Writer/Arts Critic), and Landon mackenzie (Artist and Educator) judged BMO’s First Art competition. The winning entries were showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto from Oct. 8-26.

Ms. Power said she loves art because it’s a time that’s her own.

“I can reflect and get carried away with what I am doing. It’s similar to a meditative kind of experience for me, and in the end sometimes I have a beautiful piece of art,” she explained.

She looks forward to using art in the classroom because she “loves to motivate people.”

“Helping youth explore their interests and experiment with new ideas is very exciting for me,” she said. “I want to pass on what I have learned, and I know I will never be bored with my job. I know that I have a real passion for this career and I'm sure like anyone who loves what they do, I will try to spread a positive view on expression and creativity.”