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New titles from Memorial biochemist

Antioxidant Measurement and Applications (book cover)Antioxidant Measurement and Applications

Nutraceutical and Specialty Lipids and their Co-Products

Maximizing the Value of Marine By-products

By Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi

For more than 20 years at Memorial and through nearly 50 books, Dr. Fereidoon Shahidi has become an expert and the fourth most highly-cited researcher in agriculture, food and nutritional sciences.

His latest books continue to cement that expertise across a variety of subject areas.

In Antioxidant Measurement and Applications, Dr. Shahidi presents the latest findings and perspectives related to antioxidants, methodologies and equipment for evaluation, presence and activity in selected plants and foods, and associated health benefits and application. This book was co-edited with Dr. Shahidi.

“Antioxidants are vitally important to human health,” he said. “As we age, the system which provides antioxidants for our defense and protection also declines. “This book concentrates on measuring antioxidants which is needed to provide quality standards for regulatory issues and health claims.”

Nutraceutical and Specialty Lipids and their Co-Products takes a look at the interest in food lipids, which has grown dramatically in recent years as a result of findings related to their health effects.

“Today we hear that fats are not good for you,” said Dr. Shahidi, “But this is not true for all fats and many are important for providing us with health benefits. As an example, marine oils have proven to lower triglyceride and the incidence and severity of arrhythmia.”

The book presents a comprehensive assessment of the current state of the chemistry, nutrition and health aspects of specialty fats and oils and their co-products and addresses stability issues, potential applications and delivery systems.

Maximizing the value of marine by-products is the first book to provide a comprehensive account of value-added by-products from fisheries processing.

“The world’s annual catch of fish and marine invertebrates has been around 100 million metric tonnes in recent years,” said Dr. Shahidi.

“Of the total amount of the harvest, a major portion remains unused. Aquatic species provide an important source of nutrients for human consumption. In addition, beneficial effects of seafoods and marine products have contributed greatly to better appreciation of resources and encouraging full utilization of the catch.”