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September 4 , 2003

Residence study
Student housing needs examined

University housing on the St. John’s campus is being examined.
University housing on the St. John’s campus is being examined.

As Memorial looks beyond the province’s borders for new students, the question becomes what to do with the them once they get here? A residence feasibility study is helping find an answer.

The study, which began in December 2002, was conducted with three specific purposes in mind: to examine the feasibility of developing new residential apartment style units, refurbishing the existing residence units (Paton College and Burton’s Pond) and converting some of the Paton College’s double dorm rooms into singles.

“With regards to the existing facilities, the study has indicated that refurbishing is the economical way to go,” said Darrell Miles, director, Facilities Management. “We must also move on developing new accommodations in an effort to meet current and future demands.”

Mr. Miles went on to mention the beautifully renovated residences at Memorial’s Harlow campus and the newly developed chalet-style apartments at Memorial’s Grenfell College in Corner Brook.

“It is time for us to look at the St. John’s campus,” he said. “We wish to aid in attracting students to this campus by making available an adequate supply of high quality, competitively priced, on-campus housing.

“The role of quality facilities has never been more paramount,” continued Mr. Miles. “Currently this is a big factor in students choosing a university. The technology infrastructure, washroom layouts and functions, finishes and furnishings of our residence units are all dated and need to be revamped.”

Costs for newly constructed apartment-style residences are estimated to be $38,000 per bed. These apartments will likely have a similar interior layout design to those at Grenfell College – single rooms with a shared kitchen and living area. Costs for renovations at Paton College are estimated at approximately $18,000 per bed, and $12,000 per bed at Burton’s Pond.

The study, carried out by local architectural firm PHB Group, will be distributed for review by university administration when completed this month. If the administration agrees with the report’s findings, the next phase would be to secure the necessary funds.




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