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September 4 , 2003

Nurse practitioner
specialty approved for graduate studies

Two new graduate programs in nursing will begin this fall. Specialization as a nurse practitioner will be offered as an option in the master’s of nursing program. A post-master’s nurse practitioner diploma is also available for nurses who already have a master’s degree. Dr. Alice Gaudine, associate director of graduate programs and research for nursing, said the nurse practitioner option will offer specialities in adult acute care and mental health. Plans are also underway to eventually offer a neo-natal specialty option in co-operation with Stony Brook Health Sciences Centers at the State University of New York.

Dr. Gaudine said the purpose of the master’s of nursing nurse practitioner program and the post master's nurse practitioner diploma is to prepare nurses at an advanced level to practice in a variety of settings. Because the programs are new, there is a special course fee in addition to tuition, but Dr. Gaudine said there is the possibility that some hospitals might pay the nursing students a salary during the supervised practicum in a hospital setting.

Dr. Gaudine said that students in the post-master’s program will be in the same class as students in their second year of the MN nurse practitioner option, with four months of intensive course work followed by a four-month practicum. She anticipates that eventually there will be 10 students in the nurse practitioner program each year.

Donna Best, Nursing, will co-ordinate the new program. She said it has been developed in response to community and institutional needs. Because nurse practitioners have prescriptive and diagnostic authority, teachers for the course work will include faculty from medicine and pharmacy.




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