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September 18 , 2003

Casting a wide net

The SafetyNet Conference 2003, From Research to Practice: Partnering for Occupational Health and Safety, will be held Oct. 30-Nov. 1 at the

Fairmont Hotel Newfoundland in St. John’s. “This is an exciting opportunity to bring together a wide range of people interested in applied research in workplace health and safety,” said Dr. Stephen Bornstein, co-director of SafetyNet along with Dr. Barbara Neis. “We have invited researchers, policy makers, labour, employers, regulators, as well as other community stakeholders and others from across the Atlantic region and the rest of Canada interested in occupational health and safety research.”

The conference will focus on a wide range of issues in research and its applications, including health and safety in rural/remote, marine or resource-based sectors, community university partnerships in research and questions of privacy and ethics in this type of research.

The conference will also begin the dissemination of preliminary results from SafetyNet’s first three years of work. “It will provide a forum for feedback to SafetyNet research teams about their research and their ‘community alliance’ approach and it will contribute to the development of new ideas and partnerships for future occupational health and safety research,” said Dr. Neis.

For further information or to register for the SafetyNet Conference, visit or contact Theresa Mackenzie at



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