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September 18 , 2003


Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago
Three new department heads
September 1973
– There are three new faces in administration at Memorial this semester. Margaret McLean is director of the School of Nursing, Leonard Richards is appointed head of the Department of Social Work and Dr. Maurice Scarlett takes over as head of the Department of Geography.

25 years ago
Educators visit
September 1978
– Two noted educators join Memorial's faculty this fall as visiting professors. Dr. Robert E. Feeney, professor and chair of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Nebraska, will teach and conduct research in the Department of Biochemistry. Dr. Robert B. Klymasz, a noted researcher into the folklore of Canadian ethnic groups, will teach in the Department of Folklore. Meanwhile Newfoundlander Dr. Douglas Mews returns for the fall semester as a Henrietta Harvey Visiting Professor from Auckland, New Zealand. He will teach in the Department of Music.

20 years ago
Little effect from Grade 12 on enrolment
September 1983
– In spite of the advent of Newfoundland's Grade 12 classes this fall, with an expected drop in first-year university enrolments, Memorial enrolments for full-time students remain high and register only a modest drop from 1982 figures. Both first-year and senior divisions on the St. John's campus exceeded projected enrolment figures with 1,096 students enrolled in first-year and 5,890 in senior divisions.

15 years ago
New orientation event
– This year's registration period includes an extra effort to welcome the parents of Memorial University's students. A parent/family coffee house and campus tours are introduced to make parents welcome on campus and give them an opportunity to become more familiar with the university’s facilities.

At the Maritime History Archive, quick action by staff averts what could have been considerable water damage to the contents of 35,000 boxes of crew agreements stored there. An air conditioning system malfunctioned at the end of last month but archive staff discovered the leak almost immediately and began moving boxes and their contents in numerical order. Of 232 boxes, the contents of only 10 boxes were damaged.

10 years ago
Networks of Excellence Program renews
September 1993
– There’s good news for researchers at Canadian universities this fall as the government renews the Networks of Centres of Excellence Program, an innovative program that builds research alliances between universities and business in areas of strategic importance to Canada. Memorial is a partner in one of these networks -- the Ocean Production Enhancement Network.

And history is made this month when Senate approves the first-ever degree program to involve the Marine Institute. Two students are already enrolled in the two-year M.Sc. in aquaculture program, which involves the Marine Institute, the Faculty of Science and the Ocean Sciences Centre and is administered by the School of Graduate Studies.

Five years ago
Short strike by security staff
– To the relief of many of the Gazette readers, Canadian Press decides to return to the British spellings of words formerly spelled with -or endings. Harbour, flavour and labour are welcomed back to the pages of the university newspaper.




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