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September 18 , 2003
 Alumni Notes & Quotes

Alumni Notes & Quotes

Award-winning author Michael Crummy (BA’87 (Hons)) was one of three jurists named for the 2003 Winterset awards.

"Too often well intentioned people, unfortunately with very little knowledge of what they are talking about, have the most to say."

— David Boyd (BA (Ed.)’74) in a letter to the editor condemning the growing number of politicians who are “jumping on the ‘reduce our moose’ bandwagon.” Telegram, Aug. 26

"There is room within the Catholic community for different opinions. I wasn’t looking for notoriety. I just want my parishioners to think for themselves."

— Rev. Paul Lundrigan (BA’84) responding to the media after the catholic hierarchy censored him when he called the church’s stand on same sex marriage hypocritical. The Globe and Mail, Aug. 26

"This is a unique opportunity for a Canadian software company to work alongside world-class researchers and develop innovative technology to increase the security of cities across the continent."

— Trevor Adey (B.Comm.’91), president of Consilient Technologies, in announcing a $3.4 million contract that will see the company play a major role in upgrading emergency response systems in North America along with several partners including Memorial University's faculty of computer science. Telegram Sept. 6

"The question that I ask is if the government party believes in the axiom equal pay for equal work, why are anaesthesiologists in Gander not compensated to the same extent that anaesthesiologists are in Grand Falls-Windsor?"

— Dr. Robert S. Russell (B.Med.Sci.’94, MD’94) in a letter to the editor. Telegram, Sept. 6

"We don't treat them like children any more but on the other hand don't expect to crawl in at three o’clock in the morning and not expect someone to speak to you about it in the morning."

— Brian Johnston (BA’72; B.Ed.’72; M.Ed.’79), director of student housing and food services, commenting on the changes in residence life and operations since the early 1980’s. Telegram, Sept. 7




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