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October 30, 2003



Dr. Alan F. Williams
Dr. Alan F. Williams, a former faculty member with the Department of Geography at Memorial and a very active researcher on Newfoundland topics, passed away at his home in Brimfield, Shropshire, England, Oct. 6, 2003. Dr. Williams, a native of Bristol, retired in 1996 from the University of Birmingham, where he had been Reader in Economic Geography, director of Canadian Studies, and head of the Department of American and Canadian Studies. Dr. Williams was Asst. Professor at Memorial 1962-65 and Visiting Professor and Acting Head of the Department of Geography 1971-72. He is survived by his wife Sally, daughter Sarah, sons Mark and Benjamin, and a wide circle of friends and colleagues. Among his numerous publications on Newfoundland were: Land Use Surveys (1964), Father Baudoin’s War: D’Iberville’s Campaigns in Acadia and Newfoundland, 1696-97 (Memorial University, 1987), and John Cabot and Newfoundland (Newfoundland Historical Society, 1996).


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