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October 30, 2003


MUN appeals judgment

Memorial University has filed an appeal of the decision rendered in the recent Supreme Court, Trial Division, case involving former student Wanda Young.

In early October a jury had awarded Ms. Young a total of $839,400 in damages relating to her complaint against the university and Social Work professors Leslie Bella and William Rowe (former director of the School of Social Work).

The jury of six found in favour of Ms. Young in the civil suit claiming that the university and its professors had breached a “duty of care” typically owed to students when they reported a suspected case of child abuse. The professors’ report was based on an academic paper written by Ms. Young. It transpired that the material which had raised the initial suspicion had been copied from another publication and not authored by Ms. Young.

The university disagreed with the jury’s decision on a number of grounds and launched the appeal.

The Notice of Appeal cites errors made by the jury, the trial judge and Ms. Young’s solicitor.

It is anticipated that it may take a year for the case to be heard by the Court of Appeal.


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