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October 30, 2003


A foundation for achievement

Recipients and presenters for the 2003 Alumni Tribute Awards
Recipients and presenters for the 2003 Alumni Tribute Awards gather in the Junior Common room prior to the 2003 Alumni Tribute Awards, a highlight of Celebrate Memorial festivities. (L-R) Dr. J. D. Eaton, Harry Steele, Kevin Major, Dr. David Jewer, Lt.-Gen. Rick Hillier, Wayne Thistle, Alex Hickman, Stephen Kent, Audrey and Dom Howse (parents of Maj. Dr. G. Dawn Howse) and Gerald Tilley.
By Wade Kearley
Former chief justice Alex Hickman was the featured speaker at the Alumni Tribute Awards, Oct. 16, at R. Gushue Hall, St. John's Campus. After briefly recounting his memories from Memorial University College, he told the 280 guests: “As I approach the 60th anniversary of my graduation from Memorial University College – which makes me an endangered species – I continue to be grateful to that institution for affording me the opportunity to study at a college where scholarship was emphasized and where we were taught by learned professors who were dedicated to improving the lot of Newfoundlanders.”

Mr. Hickman cautioned that while Memorial as a degree-granting university is an outstanding institution of learning “we should never lose sight of the foundation laid by those who worked and taught in the early years of the university college.”

The Alumni Tribute Awards, expanded last year to celebrate five alumni annually, is in its 22nd year. This year the recipients included Mr. Hickman, MUC ’44, LLD, for lifetime achievement; Stephen Kent, BBA'01, for achievement under age 35; Wayne Thistle, B.Ed.’68, B.Sc.(Hons)’68, MA ’71, for volunteer service to Memorial; Maj. Dr. G. Dawn Howse, B.Med.Sc.’76, MD’78 for volunteer service to the community; and Lt.-Gen. Rick Hillier, B.Sc.’76 for professional achievement. Of these, only Dr. Howse, who is based in Zimbabwe, was unable to attend.

The awards plaques, designed specifically for the event, were presented by Kevin Major, B.Sc.’73, and 1997 alumnus of the year; Gerald Tilley, B.Comm.’68 and 1987 alumnus of the year; Dr. J. D. Eaton, LLD; 1993 alumnus of the year Dr. David Jewer, B.Sc.(Hons.)’75, B.Med.Sc.’79, MD'81; and 1982 alumnus of the year Harry Steele, B.Ed.’53. He also presented Dr. Hickman with an original pewter starfish bowl created by alumni Ray and Delia Will.

Gary Peddle, B.Comm. (Hons)’82, MBA ’85, president of the alumni association, had praise for the high calibre of Memorial alumni.

“Each year, as part of this program, we hear about the accomplishments of our alumni and I am always in awe of the work and careers of Memorial graduates.” He also thanked the corporate sponsors, especially Newfoundland Power and the Telegram for their generous support of the event.

Awards chairperson, was emcee the evening Dr. Linda Inkpen, B.Sc.’69, B.Ed.’70, B.Med.Sc.’72, MD ’74, and the 1988 Alumna of the Year used the opportunity to encourage guests and other Memorial alumni to nominate their friends, colleagues and relatives for the award. “There are so many alumni out there doing such remarkable things that we must depend on you to bring them to our attention. By completing a nomination form you have the opportunity to garner the kind of recognition that every graduate of Memorial would be proud to receive.”

To nominate your favourite alumnus contact Laura Edwards at Alumni Affairs and Development, 737-4354 or email


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