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October 30, 2003


Celebrate Memorial wraps up

By Chris Hibbs
Special to the Gazette

Did you happen to catch a glimpse of the trash lining the sidewalks of Prince Philip Drive on your ride to work this morning? No? Well there is a good reason for this – approximately 280 students participated in Celebrate Memorial’s community service day this past Saturday morning and pitched in to rid the ditches and sidewalks of, what ended up being, a large amount of refuse.

That wasn’t the only project that day, as Memorial students ventured out to plant trees, clean a hiking trail, and help out at Day Break Parent-Child Centre's Family Fun Day.

According to Memorial’s dean of student affairs and services, service learning is an integral part of students' educational experience at Memorial University. Dr. Lilly Walker says it is seen as a critical link between a student’s scholastic and professional development – a connection to the community that is fostered through volunteer initiatives.

“This was the first, and by no means last, Community Service Day,” she said.

Dr. Walker also chaired the Celebrate Memorial 2003 committee.

While the Community Service Day provided a momentous end to the 10 days of Celebrate Memorial activities, this past week was not short in spectacles and out-reaching activities.

The musical acts supplied by the music school continued to impress bystanders with varied tunes in random campus locations.

The return of alumna and singer Christa Borden to campus marked a successful and energetic, fun-filled open mic night at the Breezeway on Wednesday past.

The Volunteer Fair, also on Wednesday, epitomized what Celebrate Memorial engenders: establishing vital connections with the larger community, be it university, municipal, provincial or international. The fair truly showcased how broad involvement on campus and within the community can be, suiting the volunteer interests of a diverse range of people.

Time to evaluate
This is the fourth year for Celebrate Memorial (following on the heels of the university’s Festival of Anniversaries back in 1999-2000), and organizers are already thinking about next year. As Dr. Walker, explains, “While this year’s activities proved successful, we would like to see future celebrations with even greater involvement from the student body and the wider community. And that involvement can be as simple as participation in our Web survey: we want to know what people think about this year’s celebration, how we have succeeded, and, most importantly, how we can improve.”

The Web survey is available at


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