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October 30, 2003
 News & Notes


News & Notes

For more information about the items below or to request application materials, contact Elizabeth Noseworthy at the Office of Research, 737-8251 or e-mail

Constructing Tomorrow’s Federalism
The Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy is organizing a conference entitled Constructing Tomorrow’s Federalism: New Routes to Effective Governance to be held in Regina on March 25-26, 2004. The institute is seeking proposals for papers that would stimulate discussion on the following topics: understanding current tensions in the federation and underlying causes; improving intergovernmental relations in the era of interdependency and globalization; finding space in federalism for emergent political communities; responding more effectively to marginalized communities; and increasing the democratic legitimacy of the federation. Abstracts of 500–1,000 words, a one page cv, and anticipated audio-visual needs are requested by Nov. 14 and are to be sent to Ian Peach, Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy at

New CIHR ethics publication
The Ethics Office of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research is pleased to announce the first issue of a new publication titled Ethics Live! @ CIHR. This newsmagazine (two issues each year) will deal with CIHR’s research and policy initiatives related to ethical, legal and social issues in health and research. The inaugural issue includes articles on aboriginal research, managing conflicts of interest, the quest for a harmonized placebo policy, protecting privacy, and more. It may be viewed at

Relationships in transition
SSHRC, under a strategic joint initiative with the Law Commission of Canada titled Relationships in Transition, will support the researching and writing of papers addressing public policy issues connected with law reform. The average grant is expected to be $25,000 per paper for a period of one year with up to $40,000 per paper available for large teams. The theme for the competition is The Environment: Emerging Scientific Knowledge and Managing Legal Risk. Complete program guidelines are available at The deadline for submission of proposals is Dec. 1.

Research support from Imperial Oil
Imperial Oil, through its University Research Awards Program, supports research in the fields of engineering, environmental, earth, chemical, and physical sciences that are of interest to Imperial Oil’s petroleum, petrochemical and energy resource development businesses. Awards ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 for specific research projects are made to full-time faculty members to support work carried out by university students under their direction. Awards are for one year and may be renewed annually for a maximum of three years. Further information is available at The deadline for submission of applications is Dec. 1.

Seeking virtual scholars in residence
The Law Commission of Canada, through a joint initiative with SSHRC, is seeking virtual scholars in residence to advance its work on two specific topics: Governance Beyond Borders and Indigenous Legal Traditions. Each virtual scholar in residence will receive a stipend of up to $50,000 to cover an eight-month period of intensive research with the Law Commission of Canada. Up to $10,000 is also provided for research expenses. For program details, including definition and scope of the two topics, visit The deadline for applications is Dec. 1.

Funding from Canadian Diabetes Association
The Canadian Diabetes Association offers a number of programs in support of research: grants-in-aid to a maximum of $75,000 per year; scholarships for newly appointed faculty; doctoral student research awards; postdoctoral fellowships; and grants to a maximum of $50,000 for applied research in diabetes education, management and care. Application guidelines and forms are available at The application deadline for all programs is Dec. 1.

Education Research Initiative
The secretariat for SSHRC’s Initiative on the New Economy is pleased to announce the re-launch of the Education Research Initiative, a joint program with the Canadian Education Statistics Council (CESC). Under this program, grants of up to $100,000 are available for a two-year period for policy-relevant research which draws on data sets of the Council of Ministers of Education of Canada and Statistics Canada. The focus of the upcoming competition is the two themes of learning outcomes and educational transitions at all stages of life. Additional detail is available at program_descriptions/ine/education_research_e.asp. The deadline for application is Jan. 5, 2004.

Smithsonian Fellowship
The Smithsonian Institution offers in-residence fellowships for research and study in a range of fields from anthropology to astrophysics to history of science and technology. Senior fellowships, postdoctoral fellowships, predoctoral fellowships, and 10-week graduate student fellowships are available. For information and application materials, see Applications must be submitted by Jan. 15, 2004.

Imminent Deadlines
Dec. 1

E7 Network of Expertise for the Global Environment — E7 Sustainable energy development scholarship program (Post-Doctoral).

Association for Canadian Studies — aid to student conference program.

Baker, E.A. Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness/CNIB — fellowships; research fund; Barbara Tuck/MacPhee Family Vision Research Award in Macular Degeneration.

Calgary Institute for the Humanities — senior research fellowships.

Canada Council for the Arts — Molson prizes; John G. Diefenbaker award.

Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) — grants-in-aid; personnel awards: postdoctoral fellowships and scholarships; grants for applied research in diabetes education, management and care (full application).

Canadian Heritage — Canadian studies program annual funding competition.

James McKeen Cattell Fund — sabbatical award.

Deafness Research Foundation — grants for research projects (first year application).

Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) — Subvention Research Grants Program.

University of Calgary—Gorbachev Foundation — joint trust fund (letter of intent).

Imperial Oil Limited — university research awards.

International Union Against Cancer — Novartis UICC translational cancer research fellowships.

Japan Foundation — open program.

Memorial — Petro-Canada young innovator award.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Science Program, Cooperative Science and Technology Sub-Programme, Life Sciences and Environmental & Earth Sciences — advanced study institutes; advanced research workshops; collaborative linkage grants; expert visits.

Royal Society of Canada — McNeil medal for the public awareness of science.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada — Relationships in Transition (strategic joint initiative of SSHRC and the Law Commission of Canada).

Dec. 5
Canadian Institutes of Health Research/Rx&D/
Health Research Foundation — post-doctoral fellowships in pharmacy; graduate research scholarships in pharmacy.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health — postdoctoral fellowship awards in addiction and mental health research.

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF) — postdoctoral award.


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