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October 2, 2003

Memorial: An international attraction
(L) Robert Day with Dr. Axel Meisen (R) and Michael Collins
Robert Day (L), Bournemouth University, was a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Business Administration in September. Here he chats with Memorial President Dr. Axel Meisen (R) and Michael Collins, associate vice-president (academic).

By Kristine Hamlyn
During the week of Sept. 8–12, Memorial University’s Faculty of Business Administration played host to Robert Day, senior lecturer, School of Finance and Law at Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom. During the week Mr. Day spent time researching the possibility of developing an academic relationship with Memorial.

“I feel that both universities could benefit from developing joint programs, student exchanges and joint research initiatives,” explained Mr. Day. “We’ve got a similar philosophy when it comes to developing student relations, and our belief in learning by doing is similar to Memorial’s, many of our programs have an optional work placement portion.”

Bournemouth University has had an official connection with Memorial since 1997. Bournemouth students have come to Memorial for work terms on several occasions, working primarily in the areas of engineering and archaeology. Bournemouth’s forensic archaeology program is one of the strongest links between the two universities.

While at Memorial University, Mr. Day gave a presentation titled, An Investigation into the Disclosure of Practices of UK Companies with Regards to Employees, to faculty members in the School of Business. He believes that both parties would benefit greatly from learning about the different business environments. Mr. Day is keen on establishing a new financial program which focuses on teaching students about the various international practices related to finance and how they differ.

After a busy week, Mr. Day left with a lot to follow-up on, including several inquiries into Memorial students completing work terms in the UK. “I’d like to thank the Business School for the tremendous welcome and the help I had during my short stay,” finished Mr. Day, “It has been quite a unique experience.”

Throughout its life, Bournemouth University has developed a strong reputation for offering a wide range of opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate study, research and consultancy. The number of students attending the university has risen to almost 13,000. Inspired by an entrepreneurial spirit, the university continues in the development of unique teaching and learning opportunities and is amongst the leaders in the UK for graduate employment.


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