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October 2, 2003
 Meet Memorial

An Ontario student’s path to Memorial

Meghan Mitchell
Meghan Mitchell

Memorial University must be doing something right. First-year student, Meghan Mitchell, speaks very highly of Memorial, a place she is now proud to call her own.

Ms. Mitchell, a 19 year-old from Pickering, Ontario, began researching potential universities while only in Grade 9. At the time, she hadn’t considered the possibility of leaving her home province. However, as a student in the last Grade 13 class to graduate from Ontario high schools, Meghan found herself in the middle of Ontario’s double cohort. Of interest to post-secondary institutions all over the country, students in Ontario’s 2003 graduating class (Grade 12 and 13) quickly became an attractive market for increased advertising and promotion efforts from Canadian universities and colleges.

“My friends and I were a little concerned about the double cohort. We weren’t sure how it would affect our acceptance,” explained Ms. Mitchell. “Following the advice of our guidance counsellor we decided to check out several options, both inside and outside of Ontario.”

Ms. Mitchell spent time researching the individual Web sites of Canadian universities, contacting university recruitment offices and requesting information, both about the institution and on programs of specific interest.

Ms. Mitchell first found out about Memorial University of Newfoundland through Maclean’s magazine. Her first personal line of contact with Memorial was with student recruitment officer Gordon Delaney at an Atlantic Canadian University Fair. “He was just so enthusiastic about Memorial, it made me want to learn more. He was so helpful and answered every question I asked with such pride, it was great.”

Ms. Mitchell applied to Memorial and several other universities in December 2002. “I received provisional acceptance from Memorial University in January 2003. It was a great feeling to find out so early. I didn’t hear from the others until the final acceptance letters came out the following June.” Ms. Mitchell further went on to express her appreciation for Memorial’s constant contact during this time. “I received something from Memorial about every two or three weeks. Whether it was an information package or a follow-up to something sent previous, it served as a constant reminder and proof that they cared about my attendance.”

Ms. Mitchell went on to visit several of the universities she had applied to personally. University of Toronto, Queens, York, Nipissing, Ryerson, McGill, Waterloo, Dalhousie, McMaster, Memorial, Laurentian, Saint Mary’s, Winsor and Western were all on her list.

“I was amazed at the difference between Memorial and the other universities,” said Ms. Mitchell. “Most only gave tours which catered to large groups, some even had tour ‘days’ allotted,” she explained. Ms. Mitchell went on to express her disappointment in not getting to visit the facilities she was most interest in, or having the opportunity to ask the questions she had. Memorial was the last of Ms. Mitchell’s university tours. “It was just a refreshing experience. At Memorial I was treated as an individual, I was given a tour of the residence I was interested in, the buildings and facilities I wanted to see and the opportunity to ask the questions I wanted to ask.”

Ms. Mitchell arrived at Memorial’s St. John’s campus on Labor Day weekend. Delighted with her choice, Ms. Mitchell simply loves the beauty of St. John’s, the close-knit residence community, the closeness of most amenities and the friendliness of her professors, faculty advisor and other students.



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