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October 2, 2003
 Alumni Notes & Quotes

Alumni Notes & Quotes

Ann Marie Hann (B.Comm.’81, MBA ’83), CEO of Workplace Health Safety and Compensation Commission and member of the Alumni Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland, is the newly elected national president of the Association of Workers Compensations Boards of Canada. She is the first woman elected to that position in the 84-year history of the organization.

"The Consumer Group is delighted that petroleum commissioner George Saunders has joined us on the issue of the accuracy of gasoline and oil pumps."

— Dennis O’Keefe (BA ’67, B.Ed.’67, M.Phil.’79), chair of the Consumer Group, in a letter to the editor about the group’s attempts to call attention to the inadequate inspection regime for pump inspection in the province. The Telegram, Sept. 20

Linda Borden (BA (ed.)’79, BA ’86) was named to the National Council of Welfare by Jane Stewart, federal minister of human resources development.

"Even if there was a simple balance sheet which would, based on existing research, show that we put into Canada much more than we get out, that would in itself go a long way to strengthening our place in Canada. It is difficult to understand why the Commission did not do that."

— James A. McGrath LLD ’92, former lieutenant- governor of Newfoundland and Labrador writing in the Telegram Forum and accusing the Royal Commission on Renewing and Strengthening and Strengthening our Place in Canada of missing a “golden opportunity … in our lifetime, to revisit the Terms of Union with Canada and address a number of glaring inequities facing Newfoundland and Labrador in the Canadian Federation.” The Telegram, Sept 20

Harry Steele (B.Ed.’53), former Memorial alumnus of the year, has been named the 2003 Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year at a ceremony in Halifax this September.

"People of St. John’s be of good cheer. The solution to the moose vehicle collision problem is literally at your doorstep. St. John’s should do what the Town of Paradise is doing – cut down every single tree, bulldoze every single bush and shrub. With their habitat gone, the pesky devils soon will have no place to hide and will soon disappear ‘naturally.’"

— Sarah R. Rose (MA’97) in a letter to the editor, The Telegram

"We are delighted that the province is moving forward with their primary health care model and we believe a key piece to primary health care is having nurse practitioners who can play a key complementary role to physicians and other nurses within the system."

— Debbie Forward (BN ’80 M.Ed.’01), head of the nurses’ union, commenting on the new nurse practitioner graduate programs being offered this year by Memorial University. The Telegram, Sept. 13

Researched and compiled by Debbie Connors.


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