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October 16, 2003
 Papers & Presentations


Papers & Presentations

Dr. Kam Hon Chu, Department of Economics, had his paper titled From Relink to Parallel Currencies to Monetary Union, published in HKCER Letters, No. 75, Sept-Oct 2003, pp. 1-8. He had another paper, titled To Switch or Not to Switch, published in the February issue of InterStat: Statistics on the Internet (an online journal).

Dr. John C. Kennedy, Anthropology, presented a paper titled Marginality and Integration among Labrador Settlers: A Canadian Example, to a symposium on the Assessment of Marginality and Integration among Disadvantaged Groups, at Presov University, Presov, Slovakia, Sept. 25, 2003. Dr. Kennedy also spoke to Professor Trond Thuen's graduate Indigenous Studies class on the topic of recent events in Labrador aboriginal ethnopolitics at Tromsoe University, Tromsoe, Norway, Oct. 6 2003.

Dr. Graham Shorrocks, English, attended the first International Conference on English Historical Dialectology in Bergamo, Italy, where he gave a paper titled Robert Southey’s A True Story of the Terrible Knitters e’ Dent: A Linguistic Analysis of a Neglected Dialect Specimen, with Comments on English Romanticism.


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