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October 16, 2003


Special lecture in the neurosciences

Dr. Andrew Lozano (L)  with Dr. Anne Williams


Dr. Andrew Lozano (L), who holds the Ron Tasker Chair in Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery at the University of Toronto, gave this year’s Dr. John G. Williams Lecture in the Neurosciences on Oct. 9 at the Faculty of Medicine. Prior to the lecture he took the opportunity to meet with Dr. Anne Williams (R), daughter of the late Dr. John Williams. Dr. Lozano’s talk on Functional Neurosurgery: Towards Restoring Brain Function, described surgical interventions for Parkinson’s Disease, essential tremor, and a crippling disorder of the motor system called dystonia. One successful intervention applies electrical current to eliminate the pathological activity going on in the brain that causes tremors. Dr. Lozano said he sees the next five years as the era of stimulation in treating these diseases, with refinements including rechargeable batteries, smaller skull-implanted systems and multiple electrodes. Over the next 10 years he anticipates an era of restoration and novel applications including a shift from symptomatic treatment to neuroprotective and restorative therapy, with effective gene therapy and applications to diseases beyond movement disorders.


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