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October 16, 2003



Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago
Fifth president for Memorial
October 1973
– M.O. Morgan, former vice-president (academic) and pro vice-chancellor of Memorial, is named the university’s new president this month. President Morgan says he will be the leader of a team that will strengthen the intellectual disciplines at the core of the university in order to increase the social, cultural and economic development of the province. He defines the university’s three major roles as teaching, research and public service.

25 years ago
Testing begins on Channel 13
October 1978
–-The Educational Television Centre begins testing cable channel 13 this month, adding another university resource in service to the general public in the areas of education and information. An information display runs 24 hours a day, and during the day and on selected evenings, interesting programs are scheduled and announced both in the information display and in the local press. Some of the programs run this month are Learning Through Play, a program on how play enables children to safely explore their emotions and human role, and How Winning Teenage Movies are Made, featuring winners from a previous Kodak Teenage Movie Awards Channel.

20 years ago
Security section upgrades
October 1983
– Technological advances in fire and crime detection, plus workshops designed to professionalize Memorial’s 42 security officers, are upgrading Memorial's security system. All university buildings and the Health Sciences Centre are covered by the comprehensive fire alarm system, and among the crime detection devices in use is a motion-detection device that alerts security personnel to intrusions. Surveillance cameras are operative in one parking lot, with plans calling for installation in other lots and in computer science.

15 years ago
School of Fine Arts opens
October 1988
– A new $7.1 million building on the campus of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook is home to the college's first degree programs in visual arts and theatre. At the official opening of the School of Fine Arts, Premier Brian Peckford said it is a testament to the vision of the university. A second significant opening at Grenfell is the School of Fine Arts’ new art gallery, with an inaugural exhibition featuring works selected from the collection of the art bank and focusing on the painting, sculpture and photography of 14 Canadian artists.

10 years ago
AUCC lobbies election candidates
October 1993
– The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) launches an intensive lobbying effort this month challenging federal election candidates to commit to key policy initiatives in higher education. Memorial President Art May said education hasn’t been given a sufficiently high profile by election candidates to date and he urges candidates to consider the need for increased investment in university research.

Five years ago
New chair in child protection
October 1998
– The new chair of child protection at Memorial, Dr. Ken Barter, says the protection of children goes beyond funding programs and resources and involves everyone in building healthy communities. Dr. Barter is working on connecting to all sectors throughout the province concerned with child protection.
And in other news, Dr. Ray Gosine, Engineering, is named recipient of the Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award. This is the first time this award has been presented to a Memorial researcher. Dr. Gosine's research includes projects that aim to capture, in a computer, the human sensing and decision-making capability necessary in many industrial applications.


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