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October 16, 2003
 Crime Watch


Crime Watch

Crime Prevention Alert
This monthly report is compiled from information made available by the Campus Enforcement and Patrol unit. CEP is located in the Services Building on Memorial's St. John's campus, telephone 737-4100. At Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, the security office is Room AS-280, Arts and Science Building, telephone 637-6210. At the Marine Institute, Ridge Road, telephone 778-0456 to reach the security office.
The figures given below are based on the number of reports made to CEP during August and September 2003. Incidents reported do not necessarily result in criminal charges being laid; this depends on the outcome of an investigation.

Type of incident August September
Physical assault 0 1
Sexual assault 0 0
Harassment 0 0
Fire alarms 9 16
Vandalism 1 2
Larceny/theft 3 4
Disturbances 2 5
Drugs/alcohol 1 8
Fraud 0 0
Break and Entry 1 0

None of the fire alarms in August involved fire. A bus shelter was damaged Aug. 2 at the Health Sciences Centre. On Aug. 3 an intoxicated person entered a room at Gilbert Court and left when asked to do so. Young people were reported throwing rocks at Alumni House on Aug. 3. Ten students were discovered drinking on the second level roof of the engineering building Aug. 8. Disciplinary action has been taken by Student Affairs. There was loud noise and drinking in public reported at Paton College Aug. 9. On Aug. 10, fire extinguishers were stolen from Gilbert Court. There was an attempted break and entry at Gilbert Court on Aug. 10. There was a disturbance near the clock tower on Aug. 11. A bicycle parked outside the science building was stolen on Aug. 14. A road sign was stolen from Guy Court Aug. 15. There was a report of drinking in public and verbal abuse at the Splash facility at Long Pond Aug. 16. There was minor damage to a vehicle parked in the Health Sciences parking lot on Aug. 24.

One of the fire alarms in September involved fire. There was an ashtray fire in the Education Building on Sept. 3. On Sept. 1 students in Hunter Square were warned about drinking in public. Students were warned about drinking in public in Hunter Square on Sept. 2. People were discovered drinking in public outside the Day Care Centre Sept. 3. Books were stolen from the bookstore on Sept. 5. On Sept. 5 there was a disturbance and assault in Area 16. Two men were detained. Students were warned about drinking in public in Doyle House on Sept. 6. The Chemistry Building main entrance was damaged by rollerblades on Sept. 7. A barbecue was stolen from Bowater House Sept. 14. On Sept. 15 there was a report of someone throwing apples at residences. There were reports of excessive noise from Hunter Square on Sept. 16-17. Two men attempting to climb into the tower caused damage to the tower on Sept. 18. There was a report of drinking in public Sept. 19. A youth was reported to be verbally abusing staff at the Aquarena Sept. 19. There was a report of reckless driving near the University Centre Sept. 19. There was a report of marijuana smoking Sept. 19 near the QE II Library. There was a report of objects being thrown at residence buildings on Sept. 20. A rock and a bag of garbage were thrown through a window at Burke House on Sept. 21. There was a report of drinking in public in Paton College Sept. 21. Cash was stolen from a room in residence on Sept. 23. On Sept. 26, while the St. John’s Regional Fire Department responded to an alarm in the University Centre, a trauma bag was stolen from a fire truck. The contents were later found scattered on the ground nearby.


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