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October 16, 2003
 Alumni Notes & Quotes


Alumni Notes & Quotes

"Although my reaction is dampened by last week’s tragedy, my resolve is steadfast. "

—Lt.-Gen. Rick Hillier (B.Sc. ’76), Chief of the Land Staff at the National Defence headquarters in Ottawa, on his being named the next commander of the NATO-lead International Security Assistance Force based in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the recent death of two Canadian peacekeepers there., Oct. 7.

NOTE: Lt.-Gen. Hillier with be accepting the Alumni Tribute Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement Oct 16 at R. Gushue Hall.

"Parents, educators and students need to hear specific strategies and commitments to deal with existing problems rather than broad, general policy statements. We need to hear from party leaders and their candidates how, if their party forms the next government, they will specifically address issues such as an overloaded curriculum, recruitment and retention of teachers, services for special-needs students, teacher allocation, class size and work load…."

—Fred Douglas (BA ’76, B.Ed.’76), president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association, writing in the Telegram Forum, Oct. 4.

"We’re hoping that training nurse practitioners in these specialties (of acute care and psychiatric care) will fill that void (created by a shortage of medical residents in those specialist areas)."

—Donna Best (BN ’84), co-ordinator for the new degree programs at Memorial. The Telegram, Sept. 28.

"There is a recognition that there is a place for nurse practitioners, but their scope of practice is very much less than a family doctor’s would be, so there’s many things they wouldn’t be able to do."

—Dr. Lydia Hatcher (B.Sc.’78, B.Med.Sc.’80, MD’82) responding to news that Memorial University is introducing two new master’s degree programs this fall for training nurse practitioners. The Telegram, Sept. 28.

"Collaboration is managed confrontation. This is not about getting along. It’s about getting things done."

—Dr. Vic Young (B. Comm. (Hons.), LLD’96) in reference to federal-province relations and the need to begin to take control of a relationship which is today “unmanaged and unmanageable” in an address at the Ocean Industries Association, Sept. 30.

"(The federal government is in) a bit of a bind in a sense that the courts have ruled that medical marijuana must be available to people and they’re now trying to look at an appropriate way to distribute it."

—Don Rowe (B.Sc.’69, BA ’70), registrar with the Newfoundland Pharmaceutical Association, commenting on his way to Ottawa to meet with officials from Health Canada’s drug strategy and controlled substances program. The Telegram Sept. 16.



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