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November 27, 2003


Business students talk a good game

(L-R) Andrew Woodland, Kristy Clarke, Stephanie Daley and Aidan Moores.
(L-R) Andrew Woodland, Kristy Clarke, Stephanie Daley and Aidan Moores.

By Laurie Dempster
special to the Gazette

Ethics got exiting last weekend as universities from across the country debated and denounced recommendations and courses of action in the first annual Dalhousie Ethics Case Competition. Memorial’s team comprised of business students Kristy Clarke (Lead), Aidan Moores, Andrew Woodland, and Stephanie Daley returned home with third-place honours.

“They did an excellent job representing Memorial, and they are to be congratulated for their commitment and efforts,” said coach Dr. Robert Sexty, a professor of the Faculty of Business Administration.

Memorial’s team breezed through the first round and joined five other competitors in the final round. In the end, Wilfred Laurier University and Queen’s University finished first and second place respectively and Memorial beat HEC, Concordia and Western to claim third place.

“We faced an intense situation in the finals,” said teammate Andrew Woodland. “We ended up having only four-and-a-half hours to prepare our case. In the earlier rounds we had six hours to get ready but I think we handled it pretty well. We made a real connection with the judges and they had some great feedback for us.”

Each of the ethics team members is also a member of the Memorial chapter of Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE). ACE Memorial President James Dyke is thrilled with the team’s performance. “Armed with new skills and a better understanding of ethical issues, they can teach our members so much. Their knowledge and experience is going to make our program more competitive on the national stage.”

With this new experience under their belts, the team is eager to compete again next year. “It was such an enjoyable experience for everyone, I can’t wait to go back,” said Stephanie Daley.



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