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November 13 , 2003
 Papers & Presentations


Papers & Presentations

DR. WADE BOWERS, professor of environmental science and associate vice-principal (research), Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, made a panel presentation titled The Newfoundland and Labrador Forest Sector – Policy and Economic Trends at the 47th annual meeting of the Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF), Sustaining Communities and the Resource, Oct. 23-24, in St. John’s. The presentation highlighted the key policy and economic issues within the forest sector, with particular reference to the last five years. The CIF panel also included Dr. Peter Sinclair, sociologist, Memorial University (St. John’s campus), who presented Policies in the Forests of Western Newfoundland: Can Everyone Win?

DR.VIT BUBENIK, Department of Linguistics, attended several conferences where he presented some of the interim results of the forthcoming monograph on the adverbial particles and adpositions in Indo-European languages. At the 12th World Sanskrit Conference (Helsinki, July 14-19) he read a paper titled On the Evolutionary Changes in the Old and Middle Indo-Aryan Systems of Case and Adpositions. At the XVIIth International Conference of Linguists (Prague, July 24-29) he gave a paper On the Evolution of the Hittite System of Postpositions from Proto-Indo-European. At the XVIth International Conference on Historical Linguistics (Copenhagen, Aug. 11-15) he presented a paper On the Expression of Spatio-Temporal Locations in Late Proto-Indo-European, and at the sixth International Conference of Greek Linguistics another paper titled On the Evolution of the Greek System of Adpositions from Proto-Indo-European. He also organized two seminars dealing with the development of the adpositional systems in Indo-Iranian (Sanskrit, Avestan, Prakrits, Pahlavi) and Hellenic (Mycenaean, Classical, Hellenistic, Byzantine) languages at the University of Brno (Oct 14-16).

DR. JAMES P. FEEHAN, Economics, has completed a research paper which is now to be published in the journal FinanzArchiv, December 2003. The paper is titled Contributions to International Public Goods and the Notion of Country Size. It was co-authored with Dr. Ratna Shrestha of the University of British Columbia.

MARCELLA ROLLMANN, Department of German and Russian, presented a paper titled The Winning Team of Technology and Travel: Using Technology to Prepare for Study Abroad at the University of Michigan for the annual meeting of the International Association of Language Learning Technology.

DR. GRAHAM WORRALL, Family Medicine, co-presented a workshop Functional Assessment of the Elderly at Home, at the College of Family Physicians of Canada's Family Medicine Forum, Calgary, Oct. 23. His co-presenter was Dr. Roger Thomas, University of Calgary.

DR. LISA RANKIN, Archaeology Unit, Department of Anthropology, organized a session titled Regional Approaches to Archaeology at the annual meeting of the European Archaeology Association, held in St. Petersburg, Russia, in September. Dr. Rankin also presented a paper in the session on her recent field work in central Labrador. Other MUN participants in the session Dr. Peter Whitridge and Dr. Peter Ramsden, also from the Archaeology Unit.


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