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November 13 , 2003



Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago
MUN hosts soccer tourney
November 1973
– The Loyola University Warriors of Montreal, representing the province of Quebec, eliminated the host Memorial University Beothuks and went on to win the Canadian Intercollegiate soccer championships in a tournament played in St. John’s this month.

25 years ago
Research grants for engineering projects
November 1978
– Federal Strategic Research Grants totalling $156,000 are awarded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council for two engineering projects at Memorial. Professors A.D. Dunsiger, T.R. Chari, and A. Zielinski are working on a project to find a rapid, reliable and automatic method of determining the composition and properties of the ocean floor. Professor J.D. Malcolm’s research project is aimed at providing basic information on the way oil from a potential spill would behave in ice-infested water.

20 years ago
Mobil funds telemedicine project
November 1983
– Mobil Oil Canada Limited gives $20,900 to the Faculty of Medicine in support of an ongoing trial of a telemedicine communications system linking an offshore drill rig with the Health Sciences Centre in St. John’s. The rig, the Sedco 706, is leased to Mobil and is operating in the North Dana site, 386 kilometers east-south-east of St. John’s. The offshore satellite field trial uses the Anik B satellite to link a stabilized earth terminal on the rig with an earth terminal at Memorial and with the switching network of the Newfoundland Telephone Company.

15 years ago
Committee reports on state of education
November 1988
– The report of the Presidential Committee to Review Teacher Education is released this month. The report, Focussing Our Future, contains 98 recommendations relating to the training of teachers in the province. Included in the recommendations is a call for a total reorganization of the Faculty of Education including increasing admission standards, improving academic rigour and scholarship in the faculty’s programs, strengthening the academic component for primary and elementary teachers, reorganizing the professional program in undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and restructuring the faculty’s administrative organization.

10 years ago
President decries Macleans ranking
November 1993
– President Arthur May calls this month’s ranking of Memorial by Macleans magazine “absurd.” Memorial had refused to participate in the Macleans survey on the basis that it is neither statistically nor academically sound but the magazine included Memorial in its rankings.

Five years ago
Doug Moores Alumnus of the Year
November 1998
– Harbour grace lawyer Douglas Moores is this year’s Alumnus of the Year, a tribute to his volunteer service to the community.


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