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May 20, 2004
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Research made simple

By Michelle Osmond
An oil pipeline bursts and spills crude oil in an environmentally sensitive area. Radioactive coolant leaks out of a nuclear reactor into a local river. Millions of dollars are spent and the production of offshore oil is slowed or prevented. These are all issues surrounding the development of new sources of energy that are essential to maintaining the modern lifestyle we enjoy and often take for granted.

These issues are also the motivating factors for design engineers to try to improve safety and cost in mechanical components and structures. Recently, Drs. Rangaswamy Seshadri and Li Pan won a Best Paper Award for research that will help design engineers do just that. It provides engineers with new methods for analyzing problems in oil and gas, the petro-chemical and nuclear industries, giving them a simplified analysis of complex problems; a valuable aid in the preliminary design phase.

Dr. Seshadri says this award reinforces the fact that Memorial students are receiving the best education and training. “This award tells me that my peers have recognized the quality of work of all researchers here at the Faculty of Engineering. All faculty are involved in academically preparing students and students build on the research of other faculty and benefit greatly from it.”

He adds the public should know that the research being done at Memorial can be directly applied to things that matter in their everyday lives. “Everyone needs to know if the facilities are reliable and safe. And this research is improving that reliability.” Dennis Dueck, manager in Nuclear Engineering with Babcock & Wilcox Canada Ltd., agrees. “We appreciate the technical excellence and work ethic of our employees who are graduates of the engineering program at Memorial. Dr. Seshadri maintains an important link between our industry and the academic program at MUN.”

The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME) Best Paper Award is presented to the author of the Best or Most Outstanding Paper published in the CSME Transactions in the preceding year.

Dr. Seshadri is a professor and the Canada Research Chair in Asset Integrity Management at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Dr. Pan is a PhD from Memorial Engineering and is currently a senior design engineer with Babcock and Wilcox Co., Cambridge, Ontario. Their paper is titled Limit Analysis for Anisotropic Solids using Variational Principle and Repeated Elastic Finite Element Analyses. Dr. Seshardri and Dr. Pan will accept their award at the CSME Forum 2004 taking place from June 1-4 at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario.


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