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June 30, 2004
 In Brief


In Brief

Maximizing research investments
Memorial’s Board of Regents has approved the creation of a new pan-university network, the Core Research Equipment and Instrument Training Network (CREAIT Network).

Dr. Christopher Loomis“The increasing cost and technical sophistication of today’s major research equipment presents Memorial with a number of challenges,” said Dr. Christopher Loomis, vice-president (research). “The CREAIT Network will help maximize the impact of our institutional investments in research, and avoid unnecessary duplication. It will enhance access to and utilization of major research equipment, and provide for regular equipment maintenance to better meet the needs of our growing research community. The network will also provide Memorial with a unique advantage in national funding competitions, and enhance our competitiveness in recruiting new faculty and graduate students.”

The CREAIT Network will eventually consist of five or six inter-connected satellites across the St. John’s campus. Each satellite will be organized by theme, for example Genomics and Proteomics, and be responsible for maintaining and operating clusters of multi-user equipment as well as training faculty and graduate students in their use. The network will also facilitate access by private sector users on a full cost-recovery basis, and promote the development of new research partnerships. David Miller, Department of Chemistry, is serving as acting director of the network.

Newfoundland choir wins major award
The Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir is the 2004 recipient of Chorus America's Award for Choral Excellence. The award was presented June 11 at the 27th annual conference of Chorus America in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Award for Choral Excellence is presented annually to an ensemble that demonstrates artistic excellence, a strong organizational structure and a commitment to outreach, education and culturally diverse activities.

Susan Knight, the founder and artistic director of the NSYC, and a recent honorary graduate of Memorial, was on hand in Pittsburgh to receive the award on behalf of the choir. “This award is a tribute to the young people of the choir who work so hard to achieve their beautiful sound, and to the outstanding volunteers in the NSYC family who make everything possible,” said Ms. Knight.

New position aims for research funding
Memorial’s Office of Research has established a new position to help increase success rates in SSHRC and other competitions related to social sciences and humanities research. The grants facilitation officer will provide direct support for faculty members preparing grant applications and supplement existing research mentoring programs in specific areas, for example, program identification, proposal mechanics and budgeting.

Theresa Heath Rodgers has been appointed to the position. Ms. Rodgers is a graduate of Memorial University having earned a BA (major in political science, minor in business), B.Ed. and an MA in history. She has considerable experience in the preparation and writing of successful grant applications and has worked with faculty members in Arts, Education, Nursing and Medicine. Ms. Rodgers is also experienced in the management and coordination of complex research projects.

Ms. Rodgers will report officially to Barbara Cox, director of the Office of Research. However, to provide maximal contact with faculty members in the SSHRC-eligible disciplines, Ms. Rodgers will be located in the Faculty of Arts. It is expected that Ms. Rodgers will enable the submission of a greater number of applications to SSHRC and related funding programs, as well as assist faculty members from all SSHRC-eligible disciplines in the of more competitive grant applications.

“This new position, in conjunction with the ongoing administrative services provided by the Office of Research, is directed towards increasing the quantity and quality of research applications from Memorial University in all SSHRC-eligible disciplines,” said Dr. Christopher Loomis, vice-president (research).

Ms. Rogers can be contacted at 737-8254, Office of the Dean of Arts, or at


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