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June 30, 2004



Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago
Guy colony not abandoned
June 1974
– An archaeological dig funded by Memorial University in Cupids, Conception Bay, disproves theories hundreds of years old. Anthropology professor Dr. Robert Barakat uncovers artifacts which are evidence that the colony John Guy founded in 1610 was not abandoned by the middle of that century.

25 years ago
Computers link Memorial with world
June 1979
– Memorial expands its computerized access to the rest of the world, putting it in the forefront of a whole new area of international data communication and bibliographic searching. The new found importance of computers is brought into the limelight by Memorial’s staff attending and lecturing at international conferences.

20 years ago
Government pledges millions for music
June 1984
– The federal government pledges two million dollars to construct a new music building for Memorial’s Department of Music. The long-awaited construction will begin immediately. President Leslie Harris describes the original building as totally inadequate and “even unfit for habitation.”

15 years ago
Chinese community fearful
June 1989
– The Tiananmen Square crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators raises fear for family and friends of Chinese students at Memorial. Newfoundland Telephone Company donates telephone time for about 50 students to contact loved ones in China.

10 years ago
Crosbie named fifth chancellor
June 1994
– John Crosbie is appointed Memorial University’s fifth chancellor by Premier Clyde Wells. Memorial President Arthur May is pleased with Crosbie’s appointment “partly because the position has been vacant for so long and partly because it’s John Crosbie – he was worth waiting for!”


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