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June 30, 2004
 Alumni Notes & Quotes


Alumni Notes & Quotes

“This is an exciting time for this team. Flames fever has definitely hit. It's hard to believe (a Stanley Cup title) is so close.”

-Peter Hanlon (B.Comm.’95, DBA’91), director of communications for the Calgary Flames. Telegram, June 1

Anesthesiologist Dr. Andrew Major (MD ’83) is the new president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association. He succeeds Dr. Susan King (B.Med. Sc.’78, MD ’80).

“I will not necessarily cast my vote for the individual who is able to tack up the most advertisements per square kilometre.”

–Jennifer Barrett (BFV ’03) commenting on the number and size of election signs visible in St. John’s. Telegram,
June 18

Danielle Devereaux (BA’97) is one of three Canadian writers to win a Dalton Camp Award. Ms. Devereaux received her award at the Banff Television Festival.

“Canadians are among the highest taxed people in the world. In Newfoundland and Labrador, we see so much of our money go to taxes that we have rewritten the old adage about not being able to get blood from a turnip to ‘you can, indeed, get blood from a turnip.’”

–Bob Benson (BA’62), a columnist, considering Medicare and taxation. Telegram, June 20

“Taxes are the tools by which we build our civil society. They fund women’s centres, although not nearly enough. They make sure that the person who cares for my child is professional and educated. And when I had surgery two weeks ago on my wrist, I didn’t get a whopping bill in the mail. The receptionist did not ask for my credit card – just my health identification card.”

–Lana Payne (BA’86) on tuning out tax tirades. Telegram,
June 20

Archdeacon Cyrus Pitman (BA’67) has been elected as the new bishop for the Anglican church in eastern Newfoundland and Labrador.

Will Roach (BS’79, BED’79) has left his position as general manager of Husky East Coast effective June 18 to become president of Calgary-based UTS Energy.

“The Freshwater Road site is the landmark for the best fish and chips in the western world. To see it burn and read about it is similar to seeing a part of our lives go up in smoke and flames.”

–George Saunders (BA ’71, B.Ed.’71, M.Ed.’89), a Bishop’s Falls resident responding to news of the fire damage to Ches’s Fish and Chips. Telegram, June 16

Four alumni were among the eight people named by Lieutenant-Governor Ed Roberts to the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador. Among the recipients were Paul Johnson (LLD’94), Linda Peckford (BA(Ed)’80), H. James Shouse (BS’82), and Otto Tucker (BA(Ed.)’55, LLD’97).



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