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June 10, 2004
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Residences going wireless
Paton College unplugged

By Kristine Hamlyn

On May 25, Memorial University’s Board of Regents approved RESnet, a new wireless Internet service which will be made available to all of Memorial’s on-campus housing students in St. John’s. The service, which was requested and ratified by students currently living in residence, will cost each student $50 per semester.

The purpose of wireless access to the Internet is primarily one of convenience for students and shows that Memorial University is changing with the times, said Dr. Lilly Walker, dean of Student Affairs and Services. Students living in residence will now have the ability to access the Internet at any time and on more than one computer. The days of waiting patiently for a friend or roommate to finish with the computer are over.

With an increasing number of students owning laptops, Sumaiya Baqee, third year business student and a resident of Bowater House, says it will certainly be tremendously beneficial.
“I envision more and more students starting to bring their computers to classes with them,” she said, adding it will be especially helpful in those classes for which professors post notes and lectures on the Web. It will also have the added benefit of eliminating the waste of printing out the online notes prior to class.

“Overall, accessing the Internet will be faster and more convenient for students living on-campus.”

Dr. Walker says this is an example of a great partnership with students.

“The students requested this and were willing to work with us for a solution,” she explained. “In identifying this as an important issue and working with the Paton College Council, we all benefit. Students will have the technology they desire and we have found a reasonable solution for covering the costs.

“This is a wonderful example of the possibilities that collaboration brings.”


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