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January 8, 2004
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MOGS kicks off

On Jan. 12, Memorial University of Newfoundland will embark on its first ever master's of oil and gas studies (MOGS) program. This is a unique executive development program specifically designed for senior level employees who are destined for the executive positions in the oil and gas industry, its service sector or relevant government agencies and departments.

The program, which is costs $31,500 per person, will provide a thorough understanding of the critical issues of the entire industry. It is a modular program, spanning one year and combining short, intense on campus learning with Internet based learning. Participants in this initial group come from different parts of the globe and have a variety of backgrounds. The four participants in the initial group include a reservoir engineer from China, and three local participants, two of whom are facilities engineers and one is a tanker captain.


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Lyle Wetsch
Dr. Axel Meisen
Anne Marie Hynes (R) with a student
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Dr. Tanis Adey
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