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January 8, 2004
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Environmental committee
gears up for semester

Anne Marie Hynes (R), chair of the committee, and a student using the composter.

Anne Marie Hynes (R), chair of the committee, and a student using the composter.

By Pamela Gill
With a number of accomplishments under its belt, the Environmental Affairs Committee at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook is now turning its attention to activities for the winter semester.

The EAC, which is comprised of faculty, staff and students, recently held its last meeting of the fall semester.

On the top of the agenda were plans for the second annual Greening Grenfell Week, which was a big success last year. This term, Greening Grenfell will take place the third week of January, and will feature the giveaway of cloth grocery bags and lug-a-mugs, educational displays and the promotion of the importance of recycling, reducing waste and composting.

“Corner Brook’s new recycling depot is supposed to be up and running in January, so we're looking forward to emphasizing that service to our university population,” said Anne Marie Hynes, chair of the committee.

The committee will also continue its work on wind turbine research, with the hopes of purchasing two anemometers next term. An anemometer is a machine that records wind measurements. As well, the EAC will turn its attention to the recent debate over mining developments in the city's watershed area. Early in the New Year, said Ms. Hynes, the committee hopes to hear from city councillor Alton Whelan on the issue.

Over the fall semester, the committee was responsible for the installation of two compost bins — one at each chalet apartment site — for students living in residence.

“We are encouraging students to reduce the waste they send to landfills by saving their organic materials and transferring them to the bins,” said Ms. Hynes.

She added that the lo-flow shower heads that were installed in two apartments and two dorm rooms as a test over the fall semester proved to be a hit. Now the committee will approach Grenfell’s administration to have them installed in all residence showers.

“The Environmental Affairs Committee has been gradually building on its successes,” concluded Ms. Hynes. “We’re really proud of what we've accomplished so far and look forward to making a difference in ‘Greening Grenfell’ in the future.”


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