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January 8, 2004
 Alumni Notes & Quotes


Alumni Notes & Quotes

"In 1998 a select committee report by industry of claims cost in the province showed that 35 per cent of claims made out are for minor pain and suffering. If those could be eliminated then 35 per cent of the cost would be removed from liability insurance. So in 2001, we proposed to remove the option for minor pain and suffering. At that point, the public didn’t want it."

— Winston Morris, administrator of Commercial and Corporate Affairs, Department of Government Services and Lands, commenting on issues surrounding the surge in insurance rates and potential solutions to control the increase. St. John’s Board of Trade Business News, fall 2003

Gervase White (B.Eng.’85), senior manager, Building Engineering services with Aliant, has been elected president of the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland and Labrador.

"There are only 50 to 60 ovarian cancer researchers in Canada. I’m one of them. And there are about 2,600 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Canada each year, and my sister is one of them. If you had asked me prior to this was I one who believed in happenstance… I would have said ‘absolutely not,’ but that’s a different story now. This was no coincidence. No doubt about it."

—Patti McCarthy (B.Sc.’01), a PhD student at Memorial, commenting on her motivation for ovarian cancer research and volunteer service. The Telegram, Nov. 25

"I’ve lived on my humour; that’s why I’m 80."

—Otto Tucker (BA(Ed.)’55, LLD(Hon)) in an interview for the release of his latest memoir, That Nothing be Lost, Nov. 26

"At the very least public private partnerships are a better more efficient way of doing business for the private and public sectors both."

—Paul Thomey (BA’73), president, St. John’s Board of Trade, in an address to business people in the Clarenville area Nov. 26

"As minister of education I would certainly like to see the day when [school fees] is an issue that will not have to be addressed by parents and students each and every fall … but that has been costed at between $4 and $5 million. My sense is that this in all likelihood, is something we would not be able to do as a government as early as September 2004. As I see it, that is too early."

—Education Minister John Ottenheimer (BA(Ed.)’74, M.Ed.’86) responding to a report commissioned by the Community Services Council which concluded that school fees have in effect created a two-tiered education system. The Telegram, Nov. 27

Researched and compiled by Debbie Connors.


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