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January 22, 2004
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Business students top the chart

Business undergraduates Kealey Pitcher and Kristopher Slaney
Business undergraduates Kealey Pitcher and Kristopher Slaney pose for a photo at the Intercollegiate Business Competition (ICBC) held at Queen's University.The two brought home a third-place finish in the accounting category

By Aimee Sheppard
Three teams of undergraduate students from the Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial University competed at the national Intercollegiate Business Competition (ICBC) held Jan. 8-10 at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ont.

Memorial’s team took home a second-place finish in marketing (Tom Dunne and Jennifer Tipple), and a third-place finish in accounting (Kealey Pitcher and Kristopher Slaney). The ethics team (Aidan Moores and Kristy Clarke) also participated in the final round.

“ICBC was great and it allowed me to apply my education to a real life business situation.”

“ICBC was great and it allowed me to apply my education to a real life business situation,” said Burin native Kealey Pitcher. “I would recommend this experience to anyone in the business program; it is a lot of work but it’s very rewarding too.”

“By competing in ICBC 2004, our students have now earned more than 175 honors in national and international business competitions,” said coach Dr. Alex Faseruk. “Special recognition must be given to Tom Dunne who has competed in four ICBC finals earning three first places and one second.”

The teams had been selected for the competition at Queen’s after spending four weeks developing business case analyses that were submitted to the ICBC in mid-October. Twenty-nine universities competed in seven different subject areas (accounting, business policy, marketing, management of information science, labour arbitration, finance and ethics) for a spot at the finals in Kingston.


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