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January 22, 2004
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New level of higher education

By Kristin Harris
SPARK correspondent

Dr. Alice Collins

Dr. Alice Collins

Senate approved a new doctoral program in Education at its Jan. 13 meeting. Qualified students will begin the PhD program in the fall 2004.

Because this program is being offered faculty-wide in education, it allows for greater involvement of faculty and greater choice for doctoral candidates. Applicants are invited to propose a program of study that fits their own academic and professional interests, and successful applicants will be assigned a supervisory committee that will best suit their needs. Individual programs, while centred on several core course requirements, will vary to the extent of student request and faculty expertise.

Dr. Alice Collins, dean of the Faculty of Education, emphasizes the momentous nature of this addition to the complement of programs already offered in education. “This is a really important step in the development of the faculty. Having PhD students will be exciting and challenging as we work together to explore new knowledge. We anticipate an increase in research on educational matters of importance to Newfoundland and Labrador.”

She adds that the new PhD program helps to attract new students to Memorial, from both inside and outside Newfoundland and Labrador, thereby helping to fulfill Memorial’s Mission and Strategic Plan. “Because the Faculty of Education is one of the founding faculties of the university, this is an important part of our continuum, our development and history.”

The first few years will see a relatively small entering class, with the Faculty of Education anticipating greater numbers in future years. Dr. Collins states, “with the first few years, we are especially concerned about attentiveness to the development of the program. We will target resources to the program to ensure its success and students’ timely completion.”

Interested applicants may contact the Faculty of Education for more information on the program. Information is also available at


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