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January 22, 2004



Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago
Senior university appointments made
January 1974
– Two senior appointments are announced this month at Memorial. Dr. J. Douglas Eaton is appointed vice-president (student affairs and services) and Professor T.C. Noel is appointed assistant vice-president (physical operations). Mr. Noel will continue to retain the title of director for physical planning, responsible directly to the president for the planning of new buildings and major renovations. Another appointment is that of Dr. D.J. Francis, English, as associate dean of graduate studies.

25 years ago
Library contract signed
January 1979
– This month Memorial and Lundrigans Limited sign a $13 million contract for the construction of the Queen Elizabeth II Library. Planned to house up to a million books, the new library will be five stories high with a total floor area of about 200,000 square feet.

20 years ago
Tunnels open once more
January 1984
– In addition to replacements of 1,200 burnt-out lockers and most of its communication and heating conduits, Memorial’s tunnel system has been given a major retrofit, designed to bring it up to current life safety and building code requirements. As well, two new tunnel exits/entrances are in place for pedestrian traffic at the beginning of this winter semester.

15 years ago
Expansion for Arts Building
January 1989
– In a move designed to alleviate overcrowding on campus, the Board of Regents has approved the planning and design of an $8.5 million expansion of the Arts and Administration Building that would provide an additional 55,000 square feet of teaching and office space.

In other news, members of the Faculty of Education conclude that the majority of the recommendations contained in the recent report on teacher education are acceptable and should implemented. A two-day faculty retreat was held this month to study Focussing Our Future, the report of the Presidential Committee to Review Teacher Education. Agreement was expressed with 85 of the report's 98 recommendations.

10 years ago
A new home for graduate students
January 1994
– Feild Hall, a former student residence on the north side of Memorial’s St. John’s campus, will likely be the new home of graduate students on campus. Field and Spencer halls were acquired by Memorial in November, 1993, and recently the Graduate Students Union, which has been lobbying for a permanent home on campus for a number of years, requested the use of Feild Hall as a graduate students' centre.


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