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January 22, 2004
 Alumni Notes & Quotes


Alumni Notes & Quotes

"The pettiness that surrounds people’s opinions of the premier’s personal finances is ridiculous. The man worked for his money – let him enjoy it. As St. John’s Mayor Andy Wells would say ‘Get a life, b’y’."

— Tracey O’Reilly (BA ’00, MA 02) in a letter to the editor regarding criticism of Premier Danny Williams' vacation following his state-of-the-finances address. Telegram, Jan. 18

Mark Gillingham (B.Eng. 02), who is currently enrolled in the MBA program at Memorial, has been named as an eastern region finalist in the national CIBC Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He is co-founder of Cathexis Innovations, which specializes in asset management solutions for industrial and hostile environments.

"Some media reports have suggested the medical board is not investigating a recent case of ‘double doctoring.’ The public should be aware that the charge of double doctoring is a charge against the patient and not against the physician…. [With regard to the recent case involving OxyContin] The board intends to speak with all the physicians named in the information filed by the police to determine whether any in appropriate conduct occurred."

— Robert Young (MD ’53), registrar of the Newfoundland Medical Board, The Telegram, Dec. 19

"I believe this isn’t just about nurses’ salaries being frozen; it’s bigger than that. It will affect health care that the people of the province will or won’t receive, and if government is saying that the wage freeze is one year versus three years, the impact of that … will be significantly different."

— Debbie Forward (BN ’80, M.Ed.’01), president, Newfoundland and Labrador Nurses’ Union, expressing frustration at the pack of information forthcoming from government following a meeting with Finance Minister Loyola Sullivan. Telegram, Jan. 9

Dr. Verna Skanes (PhD '84 medicine) has been confirmed as chair of the Canadian Blood Services board of directors.

"What’s important I think is the relationship [between the provincial and federal governments]? It’s an important that I have and that the province has a good relationship with the prime minister. If we get the same attitude as before, then my job is to represent Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to the best of my ability."

— Premier Danny Williams (BA ’69) commenting on Parliament Hill of his meeting with Prime Minister Paul Martin.

"I never faced the glass ceiling and I believe that’s a credit to the women before me. I feel a responsibility to them to do the best I can and validate their work. My goal is to leave work every day knowing I did my best."

— Heather Tulk (B. Comm.’92 (Hons.), Cert Pub Admin’92), vice-president, broadband and marketing, Aliant. Partners magazine, Fall/Winter 2003/04.


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