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February 5, 2004


Grand program

Amy Snook
No, it’s not a studio backdrop; that’s the Grand Canyon behind Grenfell science student Amy Snook.
By Pamela Gill
Not many students can say they got a glimpse of the Grand Canyon while completing courses toward a degree at their chosen university.

Amy Snook, a second-year environmental science student (chemistry stream) at Grenfell, has done just that, thanks to the National Student Exchange Program.

The National Student Exchange Program consists of a consortium of American and Canadian universities and colleges; the program facilitates study exchanges between participating campuses. There are about 170 colleges and universities across the United States and six Canadian campuses currently participating in the program. Grenfell College joined the consortium during the Winter 2001 semester.

“It’s an excellent opportunity for anyone,” said Ms. Snook, who attended a technical university in New Mexico during the fall semester. “I had just finished my first year and got the itch to take time off, but didn’t want to postpone my graduation. The NSE program allowed me to combine my urge to travel with going to school. I had new experiences and saw different things, but I’m still on track academically.”

The Grand Canyon was an added bonus.

“It was a bit surreal,” she said. “You’ve seen so many postcards… you’re there trying to take in this expanse, and you get home and the pictures hardly do it justice.”

Nicky Carlson, Grenfell’s NSE co-ordinator, says the program is “the opportunity of a lifetime – you get to pay Grenfell’s tuition, and study just about anywhere in the United States and some parts of Canada.”

“Grenfell students need to have completed 10 courses and have a minimum GPA of 2.5,” said Ms. Carlson. “They should also be enrolled in a Grenfell degree program.”

Other Grenfell students have attended university in Oregon, Hawaii, Florida, West Virginia and Quebec.

On the flipside, Grenfell has also enjoyed hosting students from participating universities, places such as Quebec, Florida, South Carolina and Kentucky.

“Participation in this program affords students an opportunity to travel and study in different locations even though they have chosen to study close to home,” said Ms. Carlson, adding that Grenfell works with the partner universities to make sure credits are transferable.

Ms. Carlson is currently recruiting for the fall 2004 semester. Students seeking information about the National Student Exchange Program can contact Ms. Carlson at or (709) 637-6200 ext. 6134.


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