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February 5, 2004


Commercial to air during music awards
Small screen debut

By Kristine Hamlyn

Memorial University’s Office of Student Recruitment and Division of University Relations have partnered to create a 30-second awareness commercial. The commercial is a major element of the media sponsorship opportunity presented to Memorial by CBC Television for the upcoming East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs), to be held Feb. 15 at Mile One Stadium in St. John’s.

Over the years the ECMAs have grown to become the premier music event in Atlantic Canada, and one of the top events of its kind in the continent. As an exclusive post-secondary media sponsor and capitalizing on this year’s location, Memorial hopes to benefit from a uniquely targeted environment and a reach that will extend to audiences throughout Atlantic Canada.

“One of the goals of this sponsorship is to raise the profile of Memorial University as a first-rate destination for undergraduate study, targeting undergraduate students and their key influencers,” said Sheila Devine, director of Student Recruitment.

“While it is impossible to highlight everything Memorial has to offer in 30 seconds, the commercial does effectively reflect our unique location, our comprehensive program offering and Memorial’s special experiential learning dimension,” added Sandy Mercer, associate director of marketing, University Relations. “Essentially, we want people to know that we are here and we are an exciting and highly qualified option for their post-secondary education. If we successfully captivate our target audience and motivate them to find out more about Memorial, then the sponsorship will be effective.”

The majority of the commercial footage was shot by local production company, Wavelight Productions. With the assistance of University Relations and Student Recruitment, the production company was also successful in obtaining tourism footage and shots done in-house by Distance Education and Learning Technologies. “The end-result is a quality compilation, definitely worthy of the Memorial University logo,” said Ms. Mercer.

The commercial aired for the first time on Monday, Feb. 2, as part of CBC’s pre-promotion of the ECMAs and will conclude with the ECMAs broadcast on Feb. 15.


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