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February 5, 2004


Film chronicles famous Regatta
Expressing an interest

Karyn Williams
Photo by Karen Roche
Karyn Williams
Laurie G. Dempster
Special to the Gazette
According to Karyn Williams, there is no business like show business. Last summer, the commerce student needed an outlet for her creative energy and landed the role of leading lady in Christy Ring’s film True Glory.

The film is based on the true story of the 1981 Smith Stockley rowing crew that broke the oldest regatta record held by the 1901 Outer Cove Crew. Ms. Williams plays Bernadette, the wife of main character Randy Ring. Throughout the film Randy battles personal demons including a drinking problem that made Ms. Williams’s role both physically and mentally taxing.

“This project was a volunteer activity for me. I was in it for the creativity and fun of acting.”

This was Ms. Williams’s first experience acting in a movie. “It was great. I’d love to do more movies and I’m currently looking for more projects.”

For her, performing is a welcome contrast to the often routine world of a business student. “There aren’t many opportunities to be this creative in the business faculty so it’s nice to pursue these types of extracurricular activities. I’ve been acting and performing improv since high school, and in university those chances get fewer and further between.”

She acknowledges the support and encouragement of her high school music teacher and her family for nurturing her interest in performing. “My music teacher was a big help and my family has always been there for me as supporters and fans of my work. They know I love the stage, it’s where I like to be.”

True Glory is led by Christy Ring, the son of the film’s main character Randy. The story spans 18 years from 1963-1981 and chronicles the journey of Christy’s grandfather “Skipper” and his father as they chase their regatta dreams. Skipper puts together and trains a group of rowers with the goal of breaking the 1901 Outer Cove Crew regatta record of 9 minutes and 13 seconds.

For Ms. Williams, adjusting to the movie’s time span was a fun challenge. “I had to wear a lot of make-up as the character aged. It certainly made me look different.”
The film was mainly shot in the summer months, making it easy for Ms. Williams to work it into her schedule. “It was a very flexible schedule, Christy mainly filmed on Fridays and over the weekends; that was important because I was on a co-op work term at the time. This project was a volunteer activity for me. I didn’t expect any payment, I was in it for the creativity and fun of acting.”


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