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February 5, 2004
 In Brief


In Brief

Librarianship research award
Applications are now being accepted for the Margaret Williams Trust Fund Award. The Margaret Williams Trust was established in 1982 by the family and friends of the former Memorial University librarian and was established to promote the development of librarianship in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Funds are awarded on a competitive basis to applicants seeking funding for library related projects or assistance in pursuing graduate studies in librarianship, archival studies, or teacher librarianship.

Awards are approximately $1,500. Deadline for applications is March 26, 2004. For further information and application forms, please contact: Richard Ellis, chairman, Board of Trustees, Margaret Williams Trust Fund, Queen Elizabeth II Library, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NL, A1B 3Y1.

Health research success
Seven Memorial University researchers were successful in the most recent competition of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). Dr. John Brosnan, University Research Professor, will receive $137,950 per year operating grant over five years with a $3,949 equipment grant, for his work on amino acid metabolism.

Dr. Michiru Hirasawa, Basic Medical Sciences, was awarded an annual operating grant of $54,810 over three years and a $52,659 equipment grant for her research on central control of energy homeostatis.

Dr. Thomas Michalak, Senior Canada Research Chair in Viral Hepatitis/Immunology, was awarded an annual operating grant of $131,173 over five years for his work on hepadnavirus pathogenicity in woodchuck model of hepatitis B.

Dr. Proton Rahman, Rheumatology, with Dr. Dafna Gladman of the University of Toronto, will receive $106,062 annually over three years for their work on the genetics of psoriatic arthritis.

Dr. Terry-Lynn Young, Genetics, was awarded $86,644 annually over three years for research on genetics of deafness and hearing loss in the Newfoundland population.

Dr. Michael Grant, Immunology, was awarded operating funding of $90,733 over three years for research on the impact of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 infection on the immune response against hepatitis C virus. This funding is under the operating competition of the Health Canada/CIHR Research Initiative on Hepatitis C.

Dr. Guang Sun, Genetics, received equipment funding of $40,493 for the purchase of a bioanalyzer that uses lab-on-a-chip technology to provide analysis of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells. In addition, his grant also includes $19,633 per year for three years to cover services for several large pieces of equipment to support ongoing genetic studies on obesity in the Newfoundland population in his lab.

Chemistry colloquium
The 11th annual Chemistry Colloquium Contest took place Jan. 29, and the event was a great success. An audience numbering about 50, consisting of undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, staff, faculty and other interested parties, were entertained by the diverse and interesting slate of talks including (undergraduate section) Timothy Kelly, The Calculation of Magnetic Exchange-Coupling Constants – A Broken-Symmetry DFT Approach; Brad Merner, Cyclophanes in the Total Synthesis of Natural Products; and Chad Warford, Making the Switch — Molecular Electronics.

The graduate section included Haohao Ke, Synthesis and Properties of Novel Photochromic Composite Materials; Victoria Milway, Octanuclear Copper(II) Pinwheels; and Li Wang, The Development of New Calixsalen Epoxidation Catalysts.

The judging panel was faced with a difficult decision, but eventually agreed on the following placements: Graduate category Haohao Ke, first prize; Victoria Milway, second and Li Wang, third.

In the undergraduate category Tim Kelly was first, Brad Merner, second and Chad Warford, third.

Power poetry contest
Submissions are invited from full-time or part-time students of Memorial University for the 2003-2004 Gregory J. Power Poetry Competition. The awards are to be given for original, unpublished poetry and will be chosen by a panel of judges appointed by the Pratt Committee of the Department of English.

Students submitting a poem for the competition must supply, on a separate sheet, their home addresses and student numbers, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, together with signed declarations that the work presented is their own and has not previously appeared in print. Poems will not be returned. The student’s name must ot appear in the poems. Entrants should submit no more than two poems.

A list of the winners and honourable mentions will be posted on the English Department bulletin board by mid-April. Deadline for entries is March 3. Send entries with required information to Department of English Language and Literature, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL, A1C 5S7.


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