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February 5, 2004



Remembrances of Memorial past...

30 years ago
Office of Research established
February 1974
– An Office of Research is established at Memorial to provide information both on research currently in progress in the university and on sources of research funds. Dr. Niall Gogan is appointed director, and will continue the process of drawing together the opinions of the university community in order to formulate a well-defined university research policy. He will also serve as Memorial’s liaison officer with research funding agencies and be responsible for processing research grant applications from the university.

25 years ago
Chancellor retires
Feb 1979
– Premier Frank Moores announces the retirement, due to ill health, of Dr. G. Alain Frecker, chancellor of Memorial. Dr. Frecker, who was born in St. Pierre in 1905, became the third chancellor of Memorial in October 1971.

In other news, an internal fund raising campaign is launched for the Anniversary Fund. Doug Eaton, chair of the University Fund Committee, says the internal appeal for funds will demonstrate to the province and the nation that Memorial’s community financially supports the university and its programs.

20 years ago
Memorial reaches out
February 1984
– A bold new venture in distance education begins this semester with the offering of a high-tech version of English 3200. The course utilizes a combination of technology combining videotaped lectures with the give-and-take interaction of teleconferencing and BBC television production of six plays. The course is taught by Dr. Gordon Jones.

In other outreach news, the Extension Service’s Media Unit is now using a portable television transmitter and relatively inexpensive technology such as video cameras, cassettes and tape decks to introduce a local channel to a selected community, sending television signals within an eight to 10 mile range. This is known as narrowcasting.

15 years ago
Annual fund surpasses goal
February 1989
– Memorial's 1988 Annual Fund has exceeded expectations and surpassed the $500,000 goal set for the fundraising campaign. A total of $629,420 was donated to the university as of Jan. 18, 1989. Corporate support has increased by almost 400 per cent since 1987 and alumni giving is up by 64 per cent.

10 years ago
Quality initiatives at Memorial
February 1994
– As a member of the Quality Network for Universities and Colleges, Memorial is aiming to put the customer first. Vice-president Jaap Tuinman says membership in the network is aimed at finding out about initiatives at other institutions which could be applied practically at Memorial to enhance the quality of service.

At the Department of Earth Sciences, a major installation grant of $500,903 from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council has allowed the department to acquire a new inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer – an ultra- high sensitivity instrument that is the first of its kind to be delivered commercially by its manufacturer.

Five years ago
New degree programs at Grenfell
February 1999
– Senate approves two new degree programs for Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in Corner Brook. New bachelor of arts degree programs in humanities and social/cultural studies will mean even more choices for students at Grenfell College.


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