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February 5, 2004
 Alumni Notes & Quotes


Alumni Notes & Quotes

Arthur Carty (D.Sc. ’03), currently president of the National Research Council, will become National Science Advisor to the Prime Minister, effective April 1, 2004.

"I would personally sooner be dealing with the civil servants there (at St. John’s city hall), the staff, who I have been dealing with for the last month. I would sooner deal at that level rather than the political level."

— A. Sandy Gibbons (B.Ed., B.Phys.Ed.’71) reacting to council’s rejection of his $13,000 estimate for costs to research and present his groups findings on the alternative uses of Memorial Stadium in St. John’s to a public meeting. The Telegram, Jan.17

Jamie Martin (BA’80) has big shoes to fill. He’s been named as the newest partner in the law firm of Roebothan, McKay & Marshall, the firm which previously distinguished itself by having Williams – now premier Danny Williams – as the first partner listed in the company name.

"Our rates are increasing for 2004, between five and 10 per cent, depending on what the particular item is. What that means is we are expecting the federal government to make significant contributions to us in 2004, probably a little more than they have in 2003. While we are asking the paying customers to pay a little more, we are also asking the federal government to pay a little more."

— Roger Flood (Dip. Eng’67), CEO of Marine Atlantic, in an attempt to garner appreciation for the corporation’s intention to increase revenues in 2004 to help defray increased operating costs. The Western Star, Dec. 31

Kevin Breen Jr. (B.Comm.’93) is the new director of human resources for the City of St. John’s (Kevin’s dad is St. John’s city councillor Kevin Sr., first elected in Sept 2001)

"My girlfriend and I recently moved back to Newfoundland after many years of study and the final proud moment when we could both write PhD after our names. We’re both fisheries biologists (her expertise is in molecular biology and hormones in fish and my own studies deal with nutrition and aquaculture.) However it appears to be next to impossible to break into the research world here in the province."

— Jason Bailey (B.Sc.’95) in a letter to the editor lamenting the fact that neither he nor his spouse has been able to find research work related to their areas of expertise in the province and has been forced for economic reasons to look elsewhere for research work. The Telegram, Dec. 31

Brig.-Gen. Ed Ring (B.Phys.Ed.’73) has retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after a distinguished 34-year career.

Researched and compiled by Debbie Connors.



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