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August 7, 2003
 Papers & Presentations

Papers & Presentations

Dr. Thomas Nemec, Anthropology, gave a talk titled The Shipwreck Shore during the annual general meeting of the East Coast Trail Association in June.

Dr. Geoff Rayner-Canham, Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, was an invited speaker at the International Conference on The Periodic Table: Into the 21st Century, held in the Kananaskis, Alberta, from July14-20. This conference brought together researchers in the field from around the world, including Japan, Russia, Colombia, and South Africa. Dr. Rayner-Canham spoke on the Richness of Periodic Patterns.

Marelene Rayner-Canham and Dr. Geoff Rayner-Canham were invited opening speakers at the Third Leadership Initiative in Science Education Conference held May 29-30 at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. This year’s conference had the theme Diversity and Equity in the Sciences: From Classroom to Workplace, and the Rayner-Canhams gave an introductory lecture titled Women in Chemistry: A Historical Perspective.

Dr. Graham Shorrocks, English, recently returned from the United Kingdom where he was British
Academy Visiting Professor at the universities of Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In addition to carrying out research on the English dialect lexicon, Dr. Shorrocks gave a public lecture on Newfoundland English at Newcastle University and attended a meeting of the NECTE project (Newcastle Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English), to discuss directions for development and the expectations of scholars and various community groups. At Sheffield, he also took part in the Colloquium on the Histories of Prescriptivism: Alternate Approaches to the Study of English 1700-1900.

D. H. Steele, professor emeritus, attended the 11th International Colloquium on Amphipods at the Université Tunis El Manar, Tunis, in March and presented a paper titled Seasonality of Photoperiod Response in the Marine Amphipod Gammarus lawrencianus. He also represented the Memorial University Pensioners Association at the inaugural conference of the Colleges and Universities Retirees Association of Canada in Halifax in May.


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