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August 7, 2003


Dr. David Baird, former department head of Memorial’s Earth Sciences department and an honorary graduate of Memorial, was awarded the Geological Association of Canada’s Neale Medal in Vancouver in May. The Neale medal is awarded to an individual who has made, or is making, significant contributions to the public awareness of geoscience.

Harvey Doerr
, formerly vice-chairman of the board of C-CORE, was appointed chairman for a term from May 29, 2003, to July 31, 2006. He replaces Andrew Adams who resigned after relocating out of the province.

Richard Ellis
has had his appointment as university librarian renewed for a further five-year term. The appointment was made by the Board of Regents at its July meeting.

Mac Evans
, a member of the board of directors of the Canadian Centre for Marine Communications (CCMC) for the past two years, was appointed as chairman of the CCMC board of directors for a three-year term effective July 25, 2003.

Dr. Jeremy Hall
, Earth Sciences, will chair the independent science review panel examining the possibility of lifting a 30-year moratorium on offshore oil and gas exploration in British Columbia. He was appointed to the position by federal Natural Resource Minister Herb Dhaliwal. The panel is expected to hold a series of workshops to identify gaps in scientific knowledge surrounding the area and the impact development would have. Scientists from governments, industry, universities and First Nations will be asked for input into the report which is to be made public. “I have given a commitment to all Canadians that the science review will be objective, credible and conducted at arm's length,” said the minister.

Dr. David Hawkin
, Religious Studies, was elected vice-president of the Canadian Association of Bible Studies at its annual meeting, held in Halifax in May. Dr. Hawkin also read a paper at the same meeting titled A Creative Interpretation of the Temptations of Christ.

Leslie O’Reilly
has had his appointment as executive director of the Marine Institute renewed for a two-year term. The appointment was made by the Board of Regents at its July meeting.


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