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August 7, 2003

Harlow visitor experiences
hospitality first-hand

Karen Bousfield
Photo by Chris Hammond
Karen Bousfield

Jiggs dinner, figgy duff and bakeapple jam. These are a few of the things which will be introduced to Karen Bousfield, deputy head of Passmores School in Harlow, England, during her first time visit to Newfoundland. Ms. Bousfield has been working with interns from Memorial’s Education Faculty for almost 20 years, yet has never actually experienced first-hand the uniqueness that is Newfoundland and Labrador or Memorial University. Having seen it through the eyes of interns and other Newfoundlanders she’s met over the years, it is a place that has always intrigued her, but until now has not experienced. Ms. Bousfield was in the provincial capital since July 30, and she leaves Aug. 8.

During the Educational Study Tour of England, which took place June 30-July 11, Ms. Bousfield met Newfoundland teacher, Ann Galway and her husband, Frank Galway, assistant director of personnel, Vista School Board. It was only a short time after that Ms. Bousfield accepted an invitation to visit Newfoundland and stay with the Galways.

“It was a genuine offer from someone I liked as soon as I met them,” explained Ms. Bousfield. “The people I have met from Newfoundland have always been so warm and generous, I don’t think there would be anywhere else I’d feel comfortable going after just a quick decision and just a few weeks of meeting someone.”

A very full week planned, Ms. Galway was excited for Ms. Bousfield to experience the George Street Festival and Bannerman Park Festival. There were also plans to see Signal Hill and Cape Spear, take in a play in Trinity, see The Matthew in Bonavista and visit Ms. Galway’s home town of Tilting on Fogo Island. Visiting other friends she met during the Educational Study Tour to England was also on the agenda. Alan Fudge, assistant director of programs, Vista School Board, first met Ms. Bousfield in Harlow and had plans to take her out on his boat during her visit.

Also interested in learning more about this province’s educational system, Ms. Bousfield took the time to meet with several of Memorial’s faculty and staff.

“In Harlow, most schools stop at age 16, and then they all go to college,” she said. “It is always interesting and beneficial to see how other systems work.” On July 31, Ms. Bousfield joined Faculty of Education dean, Dr. Alice Collins, and other Memorial faculty for lunch. She was also given a tour of the Education, Arts and Administration and Music Buildings, taking time to stop and talk with faculty and staff along the way. Further on her agenda was a visit to the Vista School Board and the NLTA building.

It cannot be said that Ms. Bousfield did not make the most of this vacation. No doubt she learned a lot and did it in fine style, with proud Newfoundlanders as her guides. Returning to England with a good idea of Memorial and Newfoundland will certainly add a personal element to the wonderful relationships she has developed with Memorial interns. “We have had some absolutely super people,” Ms. Bousfield said referring to the quality of Memorial students who have completed internships in Harlow. “We have even managed to convince a few students to stay and work for us.”

This September Ms. Bousfield will be leaving her current position to take on the role of deputy head, Great Baddow School in Chelmsford, England. She has already been in touch with Karen Cracknell, director, Harlow Campus, Memorial University, to see what links can be developed with the new school.


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