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August 7, 2003

Announcement of ISER awards

ISER (The Institute for Social and Economic Research) has announced the following awards for winter 2003:

ISER Post-Doctoral Fellowship to Willeen Keough (renewal) for a comparative study of gender, ethnicity, and identity in Irish communities of the southern Avalon and Conception Bay, NF, in the 18th and 19th centuries. Fellowship $35,028; Research Grant $3,360.

ISER Doctoral Fellowship to Barry Gaulton (renewal), Archaeology, MUN; The archaeology of gentry life in 17th-century Ferryland, Newfoundland. Fellowship $17,700. Kristin Harris, Folklore, MUN; Teaching, Learning and Performing Vernacular Dance in St. John’s, NL. Fellowship $17,700; Research Grant $850. Anne Lafferty, Folklore, MUN; Gender Differences in Funeral Mourning Practices in St. John’s and the Outports during the 20th Century. Fellowship $17,700.

ISER Master Fellowship
Jennifer Campbell, Archaeology, MUN; The Huron Confederacy of South Central Ontario: Subsistence Strategies as Indicators of Change during the Pre, Proto and Historic Periods. Fellowship $10,000; Research Grant $2,803.

ISER Research Grants
Michael Deal, Anthropology, MUN; Scots Bays Archaeological Project. $4,100.

Latonia Hartery, Archaeology, University of Calgary; Bird Cove Archaeology Project 2003. $5,000.

Philip Hiscock, Folklore, MUN; Mark Walker (1846-1924): Regional iconicity and oral history. $3,634.

Havala Osdoba, Folklore, MUN; (re) Settling Cartwright: Community, Continuity, and Change on Labrador’s Sandwich Bay. $3,095.

Peter Pope, Anthropology, MUN; Dartmouth’s Interest in 17th-Century St. John’s. $3,745.

Kendra Wheatley, Archaeology, MUN; Investigating Different Groswater Places: The Function and Seasonality of the Party Site (EeBi-30), a Groswater Paleoeskimo Site in Port au Choix, NL. $5,000.

Peter Whitridge, Archaeology, MUN; The Social Construction of Nature on a Thule Inuit Frontier. $7,400.


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