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August 7, 2003

Original regent,
former chair passes away

Hon. Dr. Gordon Winter, former regent and chairman of the Board of Regents and an honorary graduate of Memorial University, passed away at home on Aug. 1.

A strong supporter of Confederation with Canada, Dr. Winter was one of six signatories to the final terms of union between Newfoundland and Canada.

Dr. Winter was appointed to Memorial University’s first Board of Regents, in 1949, and served as chairman of the board for six years. He retired from the board in 1974.

Dr. Winter was awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree from Memorial in 1970 and was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1974.

On receiving his honorary degree, the university orator said of Dr. Winter, “No chairman could devote more time or more energy to the university whose destiny he guides: he is endlessly available, endlessly interested.”

Dr. Winter became Newfoundland’s sixth lieutenant-governor in 1974, a position he held for seven years.


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